File Photo: The exit sign at 24 Hour Fitness at 16th and Bryant streets.

You may have heard that one third of Bay Area residents are considering getting the hell out of Dodge because this area is ludicrously expensive and it takes absolutely forever to get anywhere. Better yet, those most likely to express that opinion, according to the East Bay Times, are those who have only arrived within the last five years.

But less appealing is the report that the people actually leaving, usually not according to plan, are the working class. Curbed reports that households with an income below $30,000 a year represent 12.4 percent of the population, yet somehow make up almost 20 percent of those leaving San Francisco and Oakland.

The fact that this migration and shift in perspective is happening not only in San Francisco, but around the Bay Area, may be part of the impetus behind the San Francisco Bay Area Renter’s Federation’s (yes, SFBARF) plan to sue area suburbs into compliance with a statewide density law that requires them to build more housing. The Chronicle has an in-depth look at the pro-development group’s push to build housing in Lafayette.

I wonder if the cost of living will make recent college grads among those either seeking to or being forced to move away.   Curbed reports that varying real estate site estimates indicate recent graduates are likely to pay between 63 and 79 percent of their income in rent and those estimates are based on landing a job straight out of college that pays more than $4,000 a month.

Oh, and about the traffic? The city’s much-protested tech shuttle buses, which deliver tech commuters to Silicon Valley, are getting a bad rap on traffic violations. At least that’s what an NBC Bay Area investigation found – hundreds of violations a year, mostly for conflicts with the local public transit system.

Here’s what’s going on with local businesses and storefronts:

“San Francisco’s Last Gun Shop,” High Bridge Arms, which closed at the end of last year is going to become…a pot shop? 7×7 has the scoop on who’s behind the planned cannabis dispensary.

Remember Big House, the cheap-stuff retailer on Mission between 22nd and 23rd that went up in flames a few months before the 22nd and Mission corner building did? Well, SocketSite snooped up some plans that were filed for the site, indicating that a 16-unit condo building might be constructed there – though the blogger there is skeptical, as the site isn’t entitled yet and it’s being marketed for $5.9 million.

People with kitchens and lovers of inexpensive produce, rejoice! Grocery Outlet was approved by the planning commission to open at the site of the former DeLano’s market on South Van Ness.

And finally, after a several-month hiatus, Laszlo, the bar belonging to Foreign Cinema, reopened on Thursday, with an updated interior, film-themed drinks, and the restaurant’s full menu available inside the bar, Hoodline reports.

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