A young woman was found dead from an apparent drug overdose early Sunday morning at the a single room occupancy hotel at Utah and 24th streets.

She has been identified as 23-year-old Melanie Olivieri of San Francisco.

Witnesses and friends of the victim at the Utah Hotel said this morning that 27-year-old John Bird woke up around 6:30 a.m. on Sunday to find Olivieri unconscious on the floor of his room.

In an attempt to revive her, friends said, Bird injected her with Narcan, a drug commonly used to quell opiate overdoses. When that failed, friends said that he dragged her down the hall to the bathroom, where he tried to revive her in the shower with cold water.

Olivieri failed to react, and Bird called the police, friends said.

One of victim’s friends,  who asked that his name not be used, said that Olivieri and Bird were in an on-and-off romantic relationship. The night before her death, Olivieri had shown up to Bird’s residence, intoxicated, he said.


Bird dragged Olivieri down the hall to the bathroom, where he attempted to revive her.

“It was a tragic accident,” said a witness who wished to remain anonymous. “O.D.’s are always a tragic accident and it’s sad.”

Bird was initially detained as a suspect, but he has since been released. The drug(s) that caused Olivieri’s overdose are unknown.

On Monday morning, residents milled around the one-story hotel where the halls are crowded with discarded furniture junk, laundry hangs from the ceiling and the carpets are stained with years of stains. A resident pointed to Bird’s door, but it remained closed.

“It’s never a pretty sight,” said the resident, who said that he had seen plenty of deaths at the hotel over his three years of living there. “This hotel is like a zoo.”