A few hours before Children’s Day School students filed into their first day of classes at the school’s newly renovated campus on April 20th, an unidentified man was caught on the school’s security cameras vandalizing the property that took years to open.

“I think it’s a tragedy in San Francisco to have people stealing property,” said Molly Huffman, the head of the school. “It’s not like he got anything out of it.”

She explained that the man in the video took four light bulb covers that served as rain protection and are worthless as parts.

“He has pieces of something. I can’t understand why anyone would do it,” Huffman continued.

Huffman said that she forwarded the footage to the San Francisco Police Department and that other than what she considers unrelated spray-painting incidents, this is the first time the building has been vandalized.

Tanya Schevitz, a parent at the private school and the spouse of a middle school faculty member, said that she believes the incident was perpetrated as intentional harassment against the school.

“I don’t know for sure…There were some neighbors who weren’t happy about the school opening,” she said.

“It is not a high priced theft but clearly just symbolic. The school has been a long struggle to get open both for funding and neighborhood approval and we’ve had to hold classes off campus for years in order to accommodate students. The opening of the new campus was a big deal for the school,” Schevitz continued.