Alfonso Texidor. Image via Avotcja Jiltonilro/Facebook.

Alfonso Texidor, poet, activist, and calendar editor and columnist at El Tecolote, died on Christmas Day 2014. He left behind hundreds of friends and admirers, who will gather this Sunday to honor his memory.

The memorial will begin at noon at Cafe La Boheme on 24th street near Mission, one of Texidor’s favorite haunts. There, Danza Mexica will perform and poets will read some of their works.

At 3 p.m., the memorial will continue with a musical procession down Mission street to the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, where there will be more music, an opening ceremony and a blessing followed by a slideshow, speakers and more poetry.

Renowned Mission writer Alejandro Murguia, Chile Lindo owner Paula Tejeda and local musician Jorge Molina are among those expected to make an appearance at the memorial.

Friends have also set up a GiveForward campaign in Texidor’s memory. The campaign’s goal is to raise $2,500 to provide laptops for elderly residents who are interested in recording their life story, as well as to fund the memorial itself. The campaign, which has so far received only $50, can be found here.

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  1. Thank you so much for having this Memorial. Spent last many years seeing Alfonso every day and never realized how much he’d be missed… Our peers are proud to be able to create a Fund to put laptops into the hands of our Elders and others who have important, great and often impactful Real Life Stories to tell.

    In fact, as usual, we’re taking knowledge learned from CrowdFunding and passing it on to other peer groups who have needs not being met. In this way, we all grow and become better at sharing real life and gathering up resources and funds necessary, to carry out all of our work in all of our communities, independently.

    With your help, we can meet the $2,500 Goal of this Fund and later, as we put a simple process in place to keep the laptops rolling, we’re going to start a much larger Fund.

    A “Story Teller’ Fund which will include budgeting for Outreach Teams to spend time helping folks who don’t want to write their stories on laptop (or can’t) with Creating Video Story Telling and post it all online to share with our locals in San Francisco and others around the world, who NEED TO HEAR REAL LIFE STORIES to counter the affect of mass media, gossip and propaganda.

    Long Live Alfonso Texidor, master rabblerouser, poet, activist and devil’s advocate as need be to keep the fires under us to keep on pushing for the rights of ALL OF US, not just some of us.

    Here’s a cut and pastable link for you all:

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    James Leonard, Moderator – SFAwareness Group (c) 2007-2015

    Reply Directly For CrowdFund Details To Fund Techie:

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