The former home of Nombe's got a new dish.

It’s time for your postmeridian, “snackable” content from the lively Mission District… our Afternoon Report:

Looks like we now know the answer to who will be taking over the spot of recently-departed Nombe on Mission and 21st: Myriad Gastropub. A public notice of ownership change appeared on the window this week listing the gastropub as the next owner (see photo below).

Helmed by chef Tricia Tracy, Myriad has long had a restaurant concept in the works (Eater reported of a Kickstarter fundraiser in 2013) and has been doing pop-ups in spots throughout the city. Here’s how Myriad’s website describes what will be coming to that corner:

Myriad is a Gastro Pub. Gastropub or gastrolounge refers to a bar and restaurant that serves elevated food and beverages in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Myriad Gastro Pub will be located in the Mission district of San Francisco. Myriad Gastro Pub will be a neighborhood gathering place featuring: globally inspired, thoughtfully sourced San Francisco cuisine.

We’ll be offering a menu of simply prepared, boldly flavored seasonal dishes, paired with a creative wine list, craft beers and inspired cocktails. I believe in creating an environment where combining the best ingredients, served by knowledgeable staff in a cozy atmosphere results in our customers wanting to come back for more.

Unclear when Myriad may be opening, but we’ve reached out to Myriad for more details and will update this post when we have more.

News of Myriad’s eventual arrival comes in a moment in which Mission Street in particular seems to be rife with beer-centric places for the gastronomically inclined (e.g. gastropubs). What with the recently opened Gashead near 19th and soon to be open, surprisingly vegan Citizen Fox near 18th, Mission Street could be a veritable gastropub boulevard.

Whether this glut of gastro and guzzling will be greeted with glee or groans, is anybody’s gastro guess.

Sign at former home of Nombe. Photo by Daniel Hirsch.

This has been your Afternoon Report—a new series we’re trying out in which we offer a quickie post-meridian rundown of some minor developments in the always-happening streets of the Mission District. Got ideas or suggestions? Let us know what you think by sending an email to

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