Nov. 7. Photo by Meryl Sustarsik

Happy first morning of 2015! It’s 9 a.m. and looks like it’ll stay brisk today with highs of up to 55 degrees — details for the next ten days are here.

Our project documenting the Mission block by block in the early morning hours has really taken off (though we’re always looking for people to pick up the remaining, un-photographed blocks).

As tribute to the surprising success of this photographic atlas and map, we’re bringing you a mashup of 14 different days and 14 different images from the last few months to close out 2014 and start gathering great shots for 2015!

Sign up to document your favorite block, and check out all the photo essays here.

And today’s photos for those seeing it on mobile are below:

Dec. 3. Photo by Sandra Dejanovic
Nov. 29. Photo by Ralph Boethling
Oct. 13. Photo by Nani Ratnawani
Nov. 7. Photo by Meryl Sustarsik
Dec. 14. Photo by Lynn and Vivian Hazen
Nov. 28. Photo by Kathleen Narruhn
Dec. 8. Photo by Jacob Zukerman
Oct. 1. Photo by Eugenia Kirovskaya
Oct. 28. Photo by Elisha Prather
Oct. 6. Photo by Cristiano Valli.
Oct. 29. Photo by Casie McCarthy
Oct. 9. Photo by Bhautik Joshi
Nov. 6. Photo by Anita O’Brien
Sept. 26. Photo by Adam Long

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