From Clayton Douglas, a Reader, who sent this to us and wrote that he also posted it on Facebook.

Hi All, I just bought a Nikon D70 (Serial number 3175180) in the Mission today. I would’ve passed on it but it was soo cheap.$60. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it, but when I got home I discovered the the CF card inside the camera was full of vacation photos. This could be to be a stolen camera. The good news is that I will give you your camera. If you can prove that its yours. Take a look at the photos below. Your camera was stolen sometime in April 2014, just after you went to Yosemite…You used this CF card in an Olympus as well. You went to Europe in May 2013, you had a great time. You went to the Grand Canyon, and to Yosemite…some time after, your camera ended up getting stolen. I have 4 pictures of the the guy who sold it to me …I have left them on the CF card for you. If anyone recognizes anyone in the pics…pls message me, and lets get you your vacation photos back. Oh, and I may be wrong about when it was stolen…The battery is a full charge, and it has no charger….so likely stolen within the last week.

Other photos on the card: