My surprise as I turned onto Alameda. Photo by Lydia Chávez

It is 10:07 a.m. but these photos were taken earlier. It is now 58˚ and expected to rise to 60˚with some more rain.    Details for the next ten days here.

Today’s block: 15th to Alameda, Harrison to Alabama.

As I started to photograph the block, I thought of cheating and doing two blocks, saving one for tomorrow’s post. Mostly, I thought of this before I started to take photos and then, of course,  details catch one’s eye that provoke thoughts….this morning of urban images, of trees in an urban landscape, of how much difference paint can make, but how interesting the juxtaposition of paint and concrete can be…and then, I turned the corner from Alabama onto Alameda Street and woosh, I had one of those Mission experiences. There,  on the north side of a building,  a massively beautiful mural – commissioned by Jo Kreiter/Flyaway Productions for a 2002 performance –  tells the story of the 1975 fire at the Gartland Hotel, once on 16th and Valencia Streets.   

Again, the details and magnificence of one block proved enough for one morning.  I returned home, not wanting to clutter the images in my head with another block.

With the light good early on, so much the better to sign on to document your block. Don’t wait!  Let us know what day and block you would like at

You can see a map of all of the blocks here.  The blocks in grey are being saved for others who have signed up. Let us save a block for you as well.

Lydia Chávez

I’ve been a Mission resident since 1998 and a professor emeritus at Berkeley’s J-school since 2019 when I retired. I got my start in newspapers at the Albuquerque Tribune in the city where I was born...

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