It is 9:10 a.m. but these photos were taken earlier. It is now 57˚ and expected to rise to 65˚.    Details for the next ten days here.

Today’s Block: Hampshire to Potrero, 25th to Cesar Chavez.

I headed over to the eastern edge of the Mission, confident of crossing Potrero, but walking over I began to wonder about my desire to expand the boundary of the Mission east of Potrero.  Was it a good idea or did it come from a greediness for more Mission?  I consoled myself  by remembering the interviews with residents east of Potrero and south of San Francisco General Hospital who said they identified more with the Mission than with Potrero. But still, I wondered, maybe best to wait and see if residents there want to photograph their blocks.

In the middle of this back-and-forth in my head, I came to the end of 25th Street at Potrero.  It wasn’t so easy to cross.  With the exchange nearby for 101, cars move move quickly on Potrero and some railing that splits Potrero is forbidding so I stopped.  But should I let a man-made barrier interfere?  This morning, at least, I did.

With the light good early on, so much the better to sign on to document your block. Don’t wait!  Let us know what day and block you would like at

You can see a map of all of the blocks here.  The blocks in grey are being saved for others who have signed up. Let us save a block for you as well.