Happy Monday.

Never mind the weekend is gone. You are here. It’s not back to the same old. It’s a new week you’ve never seen before.

Where are you now? If you are standing, feel your feet on the ground. If you are sitting or laying down, feel your weight where your body connects with a surface. With that, you’re on your way to making this a Mindful Monday.

Pay attention to the little things you’ve seen maybe many times before, and try to understand what their place in the world is. How is that BART seat connected to the train carriage; how does the coffee in your cup decrease in temperature as it is exposed on the desk. You will never experience any of these moments again. Try connecting to them and seeing how enjoyable they are.

Mondays get a bad rap. But it’s a great day to get started. Start anywhere. Happy Monday.

Today’s block: Horace to Folsom, 25th to 26th Streets.

Photos by Essi Salonen and text by Mikko Järvenpää

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