Some 200 protesters marched in the Mission District Tuesday night to protest the Grand Jury’s decision in Ferguson, Missouri against indicting Officer Darren Wilson for his involvement in shooting and killing 18-year-old Michael Brown.

With chants calling for “justice” and proclaiming the officer “guilty” a cross section of San Francisco – old, young and middle aged – marched peacefully from the northeast 24th Street BART Plaza to 16th Street and then swung south on Valencia Street. The marchers stopped for about 20 minutes in front of the Mission District Police Station where tonight’s monthly community meeting had been cancelled in anticipation of the march.

Desmond Richardson from the Answer Coalition, spoke to the crowd in front of the station, promising a daily march to hold police accountable. The problem wasn’t any one officer, he said, but that the station represented a “racist system.”

A dozen police lined up in front of the brick building on Valencia listening to Richmond and others speak, but the evening never became tense.

On the way to the station, two young women questioned police about the shooting of 28-year-old Alex Nieto on March 21st on Bernal Hill. The case is in dispute with officers saying they mistook Nieto’s Taser for a gun.

“Did you kill Alex Nieto,” one of the girls asked an officer walking on the sidewalk alongside the march. When he ignored her, she held out the flyer with Nieto’s face and asked the next officer, “Did you kill Alex Nieto,” and then the next “Did you kill Alex Nieto.”

They all walked by her in silence.

After the stop at the police station, the marchers continued back to the 24th Street BART plaza and disbanded about 7:30 p.m.