Our staff had a long night Wednesday, zipping around the neighborhood to catch everything from dancing and drumming in the streets to various objects being lit on fire. Thursday morning we were back to talk about how things went from all-in-good-fun partying to what could be called a riot. Listen in for Mission Local’s take of the night’s developments and why a baseball game victory might inspire this kind of fervor…and why voting and political issues can’t seem to inspire much enthusiasm at all. With voter turnout for midterm elections like the one coming up this Tuesday hovering around 30 percent, it seems most people are uninterested in participating in government. We talk about why that might be and what role media plays in guiding (or confusing) people through the voting process.

Listen here:

And if you haven’t caught up on all the coverage of the chaos in the Mission last night, you might check out our live blog of the night and our recap.

Recorded live at BFF.fm’s Secret Alley studio. Intro music this week by Alaska Y Dinarama. Outro by the Pixies.

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