The Plaza 16 Coalition, founded last year to oppose a market-rate development at 16th and Mission streets, and Our Mission No Eviction will hold a march and rally Saturday, Oct. 4 at 1 p.m. to advocate for affordable housing in the Mission and protest plans for Maximus Real Estate’s development at the plaza.

Protesters will meet at 24th and York streets at 2 p.m., with a rally featuring art and music by artists like Michael Rios, Soy 132 SF, Loco Bloco, Orquesta Adelante and Brass Liberation Orchestra, among others. The march is scheduled to coincide with the one year anniversary of Our Mission No Eviction’s first march with the same message.

Organizers expect more than 1,000 people to attend.

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    1. You really need to check your stats and reality. Like nothing is being built in the mission? The problem is too much is being built in the Mission and the majority is market rate and luxury. Its time for a balance and housing for everyone else. The current affordable attached to market rate units are not affordable.

      1. We aren’t building nearly enough to keep up with demand. But hey, keep living in your dream world where restricting supply will magically make prices drop.

        1. Yes keep building but build the affordable. We are over the percent the city wanted in market rate. No price drop anywhere…

      2. Exactly. I am in favor of building, too, just not more luxury housing for the rich. This is becoming their playground and we are funded it thru tax breaks for the tech companies etc. It’s a matter of fairness. Build and build fairly so that everyone can live here and share in the upswing.

    1. The protesters actually wish to retain grime and squalor. In their perverse minds, the itinerants, the petty criminals and the crazy people are somehow more desirable than hard-working home-owners and professionals.

      It makes no sense, I agree. But that’s the strange world you must inhabit if it’s important for you to be a regressive NIMBY warrior in this town.

      They expect 1,000 people? Ha! I expect the same “usual suspects” few dozen who show up for all these things, led by the nauseously privileged trust fund princess Erin McElvoy, natch.

      1. A high-rise luxury building does solve the social ills of the city. If its not done right for the benefit of the community and plans from the community then it adds to the problem, loss of jobs by closing businesses, no homes for working class, increases rents in the area that displaces other hardworking professionals that rent and working class. So who are the petty criminals and the crazies?

        1. We don’t build new homes to solve social ills. We build homes because people want and need them.

          And no residents are being displaced by this project.

          1. Yes and we want and need affordable for all.
            People will be loosing jobs by closing business’s.
            The rent increase to the area for residential and commercial will displace. Look up the word gentrification….

      2. “The protesters actually wish to retain grime and squalor.”

        Uh, no, Sam/John, they just want affordable housing.

        What is it about the primitive brains of conservatives that makes them see everything in stark black or white, with no middle ground. Either it’s luxury condos of it’s the depths of degradation. No actual consideration of what the neighborhood activists’ concerns are.

        1. Sam/John, you fool. Part of my living as a community organizer comes from running gangs of violent drug dealers of of subsidized housing. Also from fighting for housing for chronically homeless people. The middle ground at 16th and Mission is 100% affordable housing, that most folks could afford. What do you do make the world better beside make uninformed comments on this site? But last time I’ll respond to any of your comments.

        2. That’s how I feel about the police and our water supply, too. I don’t think we should be subsidizing it. Market rates is always best.

  1. Yes! No more monsters of luxury housing in the Mission District. The Mission District needs truly affordable housing and neighborhood-serving businesses. See you 2PM at 24th and York, Saturday October 4.

  2. Oh puleeze. I own a 2-unit building in Bernal Heights – been in it since 1980. Like I need my property values to go up any more? The single family 2 bdrm home next to me just sold for $1.29 million. NO ONE has a self interest in the further escalation of the cost of housing in SF but speculators. My home is worth plenty. I’d rather have SF remain the economically and ethnically diverse city it was when I moved here in 1976. If that’s “fighting progress”, so be it. Anyone who thinks that “the market” is fair is either a fool or someone who stands to make bigs bucks manipulating that market. The “compromise” would be that any and all new housing developed in the Mission be affordable to the mix of current residents. More luxury housing will never impact rents downward. It only benefits the rich who can afford and the very rich who develop it.

    1. Troll….. tricks are for kids. Speculators built every building in SF…. They build SF, not rabid rent control zelots !

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