Filming was taking place within La Rondalla Wednesday afternoon, with four trailer trucks full of equipment parked on the corner of 20th and Valencia. Photo by Joe Rivano Barros.

HBO’s comedy-drama series Looking has come back to San Francisco, with filming taking place within La Rondalla on Wednesday afternoon. The series centers on a group of gay friends living in San Francisco, and has received generally positive reviews from critics. Filming has started for its second season.

Crew members weren’t speaking to the press, but it seemed like all of the filming was confined to La Rondalla, which was covered over in black cloth to prevent prying eyes from viewing anything within. Four trailer trucks full of equipment dominated the corner of 20th and Valencia, and crews were loading and unloading various props, including a rainbow gay pride flag.

But not everybody was happy with the Mission’s ability to attract film crews. A Mission Local reader said that the traffic jam caused by the four massive trailer trucks was a problem.

“This has created traffic nightmares, no parking for residents and the most noise one can imagine with a new condo being constructed for the last year on the same spot,” he said. “Our driveway is blocked every day with no consequences.” The trucks were parked normally on Valencia, but had to occupy almost half of the street down 20th, leaving a very narrow middle section for traffic (a good portion of the other side of the street is also taken up by construction).

Full disclosure: Our very own Dan Hirsch was an extra for last year’s season of Looking, and wrote about the experience over at Slate.

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  1. When I lived on Snob Hill the residents made the movie companies provide parking in paid lots, free for residents.

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