Well, here’s the bad news: Parks and Rec has just announced that there will be a major construction delay and the park will not open until early 2015.

The North side of the park is undergoing the first phase of construction and has run into unexpected problems:

– During the removal of the current restroom and maintenance building, excessive ground water was uncovered and had to be extracted before the contractor could continue on with the construction.

– After the extraction of the excessive water, soil had to be reinforced in order to stabilize the ground.

– Soil remediation work was required to be performed and completed. READ MORE.

The renovations were already behind schedule and over budget. This will have an additional cost of $2.2 million.

The park’s undergoing renovations are funded by the 2008 Clean and Safe Neighborhoods Parks bond, but the extra money will be coming out of the bond’s contingency reserves.