Yes that Was An Earthquake – 6.0 at 3:20 a.m.

Screenshot from the US Geological Survey. The blue dot is this morning's earthquake.
From the U.S. Geol

From the U.S. Geol

An 6.0 earthquake,  rattled the house and the rest of the Bay Area for more than a few seconds today at 3:20 a.m., according to the U.S. Geological survey.  It was 6 miles north west of the American Canyon, which is about 38 miles north of San Francisco, just north of Vallejo.

Police just sent this advisory out: ” Hello all, A roll call of all police facilities was conducted after confirmation of an earthquake centered in America Canyon this morning.  All facilities reported no damage at this time and operations continue normally.”

Location of the earthquake north of Vallejo.

Location of the earthquake north of Vallejo.

Just in case we are rattled again, here is our series on earthquake preparedness. 

Sleep safe.

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  1. Jay Martin

    The Mission Police Station received a call. The caller said, “Someone was shaking my house.” The officer said, “Yes, ma’am, the Earth.”

    • Lydia Chavez Post author

      Nice. A regular contributor who works with someone in the neighborhood, wrote in saying he had asked Jim, his friend, “Did you feel the big one?” to which he answered, “Yes and the earthquake too.”

  2. I thought a neighbor bought some wind chimes that I was hearing during the quake. My husband told me it was our hanging wine glasses in the cabinet.

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