Vida Undraped

The front of Vida's condos. Photo by Lydia Chávez

So far 45 of the 114 units have been sold.

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  1. Sam

    A stunning, awe-inspiring and transformative addition to our skyscape.

  2. landline

    It looked better draped.

    Pee Wee’s Playhouse for upwardly mobile soul suckers. Starter homes for now. Next stop: a return to their parents’ houses when the bubble pops, many good paying jobs disappear and these condos go underwater.

    • Backtotheburbs

      Spin it as you wish, but it’s surprising that only 1/3 have been sold …

      This looks like ground breaking European architecture from the 1970s.

      Not many people would be envious of a little glass box above a busy and gentrification resistant thoroughfare. Personally I wouldn’t want to be seen going In there …

      • Sam

        These units are priced ambitiously and the market does feel a little toppy, so the fact that it’s not sold out 100% at this early stage doesn’t surprise me.

        Nor do I expect the developers to be too concerned. They can always rent out any unsold units if the market goes a little soggy.

        Whether those buying will see a good return is another matter. This is a landmark building and the key is how “gentrification resistant” the area really is.

        I tend to agree that it takes some boldness to be the first to move into an area like that. On the other hand, those who do often get rewarded for that risk, and I’m sure you might have said the same about Valencia Street 20 years ago. And that is just one block away.

        I don’t buy new build. I guess I have an interest in there not being too much competition for what I am selling. But I also welcome success and prosperity into my neighborhood. And given how “gentrification resistant” Mission Street is, the folks living here will add to our diversity.

        I feel sure the residents will be very happy to be seen going in there. I do find myself wondering why you feel so resentful towards them though. It’s not like anyone is forcing you to live there. Live and let live, yes?

  3. SFrentier

    Rock out!

    In a gadda da vida

  4. godzuki

    The juxtaposition of the two buildings in the photo looks really odd.

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