The Airing of Grievances (Eater SF)

No complaints about fresh food.

Eater SF, taking up on a tradition from its East Coast colleagues, has published a long list of grievances from local food writers. 

My favorite:

Two newly-opened, high profile chef-backed restaurants have the gall to charge $17 for their mediocre burger, and then refuse to cook it less than medium well (what is this pink/no pink thing?) I don’t so much mind paying the asshole tax for ordering a burger when I should be ordering something that showcases the chef’s “talents,” but if I’m going to pay through the nose, cook my burger how I want it, and don’t serve it with a measly pile of fries, or f–king potato chips!

 The noise, the noise, the noise. 

What kind of monsters do not include chips with the purchase of a burrito?

Aren’t we done with mason jars yet?

BUT there is a very long list and many are right on point so read the whole story now!

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