A robot dancing to A-ha's "Take on Me" at Sunday Streets in the Mission. Photo by Joe Rivano Barros and Laura Wenus.

​Sunday Streets celebrated its 50th event ever with its festival in the Mission yesterday. Since Sunday Streets began in 2008, the festival has brought thousands of people out to streets throughout San Francisco, with live music, yoga lessons, bike repairs, and more for all who choose to spend a sunny afternoon in the outdoors.

Yesterday’s festival shut down Valencia Street from McCoppin to 26th to all vehicles, allowing the massive crowds unfettered movement down a normally busy thoroughfare. People rode bikes, scooters, tricycles, Segways, skateboards, and more through throngs of pedestrians, weaving in and out of the crowds.

Bike-mounted stereos blaring rock-and-roll, children pedaling and eating ice cream simultaneously, dogs trotting alongside their mounted masters (or receiving free massages from some nearby booths) were all regular fixtures, making for a chaotic and energetic Sunday afternoon. Alongside the street were dozens of booths, some offering pet massages, homemade terrariums, Aikido lessons, and rock climbing to those interested. Long lines ensued, though not as long as those at the Folsom Food Festival a week ago.

It was a pleasant and sunny day, filled with laughing children, barking dogs, and bearded hipsters, showing what happens when San Franciscans are allowed to take over an entire avenue and do with it what they will.

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  1. This one seemed a little lack luster compared to previous Sunday Streets in the Mission. There were stretches two or three blocks long with nary a passerby or a booth, mostly on either end. Also, not a lot going on on 18th St; 24th seemed much better-suited.

    1. Chinchillin: Interesting. I wonder if it was about time of day. The video shows a lot of activity at 24th, but when I went out in the afternoon around 3, it seemed pretty dead until I got closer to 18th Street. We’ll follow up and see if Sunday Streets has any numbers and how they compare with last year. Best and thank you, Lydia

    2. I’m fine with street fairs but these events politicize them.

      No alcohol, food or entertainment makes them dull.

      And unlike regular street fairs these do not allow vehicular traffic to cross, so effectively it cuts an entire neighborhood in two.

      Apparently the person who runs this just quit or got fired, so maybe we can change these now.