Mayor Lee’s Meltdown (SFBG)

At Philz Coffee the flier table has 16 free copies of Lee's "book" with handwritten post-its beseeching customers to vote Ed. Photo taken by Matt Sarnecki. (2011)

The SF Bay Guardian has an interesting piece that looks at Mayor Lee’s battles with Supervisors Kim and Wiener over different ballot initiatives – seeking mostly to weaken both.

When asked about the outcome of her newly revised affordable housing measure, Sup. Jane Kim did not sound enthusiastic.

“It was definitely a compromise,” Kim said. But compromise is a word you use when you find a middle ground. By most accounts, Mayor Lee weakened the measure by hammering the right pressure points. READ THE FULL PIECE HERE

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  1. Sam

    Joe’s premise doesn’t appear to bear much relationship to the facts, not that that is anything new with the terminally-declining SFBG.

    The comments are always entertaining, however.

  2. Russo

    What else can one expect from Mayor Lee, the developers’ lap dog, the pay-for-play king?

    • Sam

      Lee ran for office on an unambiguous pro-growth, pro-jobs, pro-development platform. and he won decisively.

      So why would you argue that he should instead adopt the policies of his opponent who he easily beat?

      The people gave Lee a mandate for growth and development, as they have every time they have been asked in the last thirty years.

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