It is 7 a.m, 58° and headed to 67ish°. Damn it was fiercely cold yesterday. Details for today and the next ten days are here. The outlook is very late 60ish.

Doesn’t it feel like everyone is on vacation? It does to me.

But it was back to school on Monday for thousands of students in the SF Unified School District and the San Francisco International High School found it had a jump in new immigrant students who have crossed the border on their own and are part of some 60,000 that officials expect to arrive this year in the United States.

SF Gate dug out its 1984 quiz on whether your neighborhood is being gentrified. 

KALW has a report on why Mission families are falling behind. 

Looking for a commercial space? Dan Hirsch writes today about the vacancies and here is a photo of a vacancy from We Built This City on Valencia Street that actually sounds like it might be reasonable.