The Giants ended July losing three straight to the Dodgers and two more to the Pirates to complete another sub .500 month. Spectators beware. The Giants have lost 21 of their last 28 games at home where they average less than three runs per game.

Is that the smell of garlic fries? Or dead fish.

Let’s assume scoring runs is a key to winning baseball games. In July the Giants scored the second fewest runs in the National League, eight fewer than they scored in June. In five of six games against the Dodgers and the Pirates, the Giants totaled five runs. The sixth game, they scored seven. It was the one game they won.

Inconsistency has become the hallmark of this team. Not only the hitting, but the defense and pitching as well. With replacements at first and second bases, the defense has at times resembled a B-movie about a minor league team. And the pitchers, though no longer depressed, have turned inscrutably inconsistent. Matt Cain is gone for the season. Lincecum is . . .

Where are those “Let Timmy Smoke” t-shirts? The whole team looks like they could use a visit to the dispensary.

Enough said. The photos say more than enough about the last homestand.

The Giants come home tonight after they kicked off August with an uninspired road trip. Hope springs eternal in the human heart. But you can hear the clock ticking. And it’s only mid-August.