One Gas Station, Two Incidents: Stabbing and a Blind Man in a Wheelchair Has His Foot Run Over

Photo by an anonymous contributor.

At around 9 p.m. Friday night, a man in his 20s was stabbed at the Gas and Shop on the corner of 17th St. and South Van Ness. At 12:10 p.m. the next Saturday afternoon, a blind man in a wheelchair had his foot run over by a two-tank gasoline truck.

“He didn’t know he was stabbed at first, but then he fell next to the freezers outside,” said Jose Guillen, the manager of the station, of the stabbed man. The youth was apparently bleeding profusely after the incident. “There was a lot of blood. A lot. They called the police and the ambulance came and took him away,” he added. Officer Gordon Shyy confirmed that the man was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Guillen said he was called by police at 9:15 p.m. to come to his gas station to give officers access to his video cameras because there had been a stabbing on the premises. When he got there, he said this morning, some 10 squad cars had cordoned off the entire gas station.

The stabbing occurred after what appeared to be an escalation in a disagreement between three young men in their 20s and another customer who Guillen estimated was in his mid-40s. Two neighbors contacted Mission Local about the stabbing on Friday night and complained that there was often trouble at the station.  Indeed, on Saturday morning, a man in a wheelchair was run over by a gas delivery truck at the station.  We are still following up on this incident, which just happened.

UPDATE on this morning’s incident: Guillen said that a man in his 50s who is blind and in a wheel chair came in asking to buy liquor. Guillen refused to sell it to him and the man got angry and asked another person outside the station to buy him a bottle, according to Guillen.

At that point, the man in the wheel chair rolled forward in his chair just as a large two-tank, gasoline delivery truck was leaving the station. Guillen screamed for the man in the wheelchair to stop. He failed to hear and the second unit of the truck rolled over the man’s foot, cracked the cast on his foot and then stopped, according to Guillen.   The victim’s foot was bleeding and the man was screaming in pain, but the injury did not appear to be life threatening and the victim was taken away in an ambulance.

No one knew his name. Police said he was 53-years-old and others said he may be a resident of the Mission Hotel, a single room occupancy hotel, nearby.

The Gas and Shop at 599 South Van Ness, where the stabbing occurred. Police cordoned off the entire area from around 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. Photo by Joe Rivano Barros.

The Gas and Shop at 599 South Van Ness, where the stabbing occurred. Police cordoned off the entire area from around 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. Photo by Joe Rivano Barros.

As to Friday night’s stabbing, Guillen said the video shows three men in their 20s in the gas station shopping. “I knew two of them, they work at the door shop down the street,” he said, referring to Ocean Sash and Door at 3154 17th St. “It seemed like they then left and another guy came in, grabbed a beer, and got in line.” Guillen said.

The three men then returned to the gas station and asked the man if he was in line. “He said something like ‘Of course I’m in line, what does it look like I’m doing?'” said Guillen. He then made his purchase and left, but was followed by the three men. Guillen said the three started running after him, chasing him down, but he said he didn’t see if the man had been running too or what happened afterwards.

“I don’t know what they did to him, but some three minutes later they came back, and shortly afterwards he came back too, looking pissed,” said Guillen. One of the three was standing outside while his two friends were indoors. The older man “ran toward” the youth outside the store, Guillen said, and “pulled something out” of his pocket. There was a commotion and the other two youth came out to help their friend.

At that point, Guillen said, “It was three against one.”

“They got on top of him, fighting with him, and then he got up and ran away,” Guillen said, adding that the man ran towards 16th and South Van Ness and that the three then realized their friend had been stabbed.

That was when Guillen was called to the gas station to review the tapes. He added that though he knew two of the youth, this was the first time they had been hanging out at the gas station at that hour of the night. He also said that he saw one of them today and that he looked at the video with him, pointing out the different steps that had led to the stabbing.

He also asked the youth how his friend was doing, and was told that he had been in critical condition, but was making a recovery. Guillen said that the stabbed youth was named Miguel Angel and that the friend he knows is Francisco Lopez. “But I don’t know the other guy,” he added.  He said he believed that Angel and Lopez are cousins and that both work at the door company down the street.

Lan Le, the owner of the Joliba Cafe across the street at 601 South Van Ness, said she was driving along 17th at around 11 p.m. and saw 3-5 police cars still there. The gas station was cordoned off, but she had “no idea” what had happened.

When asked if the gas station was a source of trouble, she said she didn’t know, since she had just opened some two weeks ago. “But I think they’re open 24 hours, and when you’re open 24 hours and you have food and drink, there’s going to be more activity at night,” she said.

Officer Shyy said this morning that the man had been stabbed in the arm and torso and taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. He added that there were no suspects in the case thus far.

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  1. Mister Big

    This place really ought to have their liquor license revoked. They often sell it to inebriated individuals. The alcohol that comes out of this place draws a lot of bad elements in, and creates a lot of intoxication on the street. I believe I read about a robbery there on Mission Local a little while back. Have a look at the place — it’s a dump. They can’t even manage to keep all the letters on the sign. Check out their health department report — it’s a doozy!

  2. Hipster Apocalypse

    I live near this place and I’m shocked that the city of San Francisco hasn’t shut them down yet. They are a nuisance. The neighborhood would be much better with them gone.

  3. Doubt its open 24…they stop selling booze at the same time as any other store….

    Tough in numbers meets crazy…this is the outcome…

  4. april

    That’s my ….boyfriend I just got back from the hospital the guy who did this needs to be found my boyfriend rarely goes out and this happened this isn’t right …

  5. dogwalker

    How this place continues to be allowed to stay open is beyond me. It’s not a business, it’s a menace.

  6. I live right across the street from there and they stop selling booze well before two in the morning and all the people that work there are very nice. The whole neighborhood has a serious crime problem and there is no one source.

  7. Paul of the Mission

    April, I looked out the window and saw your boyfriend stumble and fall after he was stabbed. I did not see the stabbing itself, only the aftermath. I was one of many who called 911 and gave an eyewitness report to the police. I’m glad he’s still alive, because I’ll tell you it looked horrible from my window, and I feared the worst.

  8. Andy

    All problems not withstanding, the jojos there are the best in the City…

  9. batowl

    that area at night is crawling with drug dealers……everyone knows it .

  10. medalist

    Between this station and the Mission Hotel this block is one of the worst. The Tenderloin Housing Clinic does a very poor job selecting tenants for the Mission Hotel, I’m pretty sure they put their worst applicants there. Their lease should be terminated and given to a housing provider who can run an effective SRO and provide secure housing to those that really need it.

  11. Agreed.The Mission Hotel is awful and I’ve been chased and harassed by tenants and often decide to walk down Mission Street instead of SVN even though it can be out of the way for me. And you don’t even want to know what I pay in rent. Ridiculous.

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