Tech Shuttles Impact Housing

Tech shuttles are changing the housing market?

So notes the real estate reporter over at SF Gate.

Being next to one of these tech shuttle pick-ups/drop-offs can increase the value of a home. And stops are pulling the SF housing market’s “*center of gravity” southward—writes Emily Landes in this quick read.

*Center of gravity = areas of buyer interest, particularly places attractive to tech workers, and the gravitational pull of the Mission puts it on that list.

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  1. Sam

    I’m not buying it. You could equally argue that people will pay more to be near a BART stop or a freeway on-ramp. Are people protesting those as well?

    There are always factors that drive the value of homes such as size, condition, outdoor space, storage space, parking and potential to expand. Location is just one of those factors and, again, proximity to transit is just one sub-factor within location.

    And even if homes near shuttle stops did rise in price more, there would be a trickle-out effect from there as folks who do not need a tech shuttle (95% of us, perhaps?) seek the better value that is further away.

    Eventually such RE appreciation ripples out from such hotspots and all property owners benefit.

    There’s no tech shuttles in Detroit for anyone who doesn’t like them.

  2. odm2

    Correlation does not equal causation.

    There is no empirical research or analysis in the SFGate post to back the claim that “tech shuttles impact housing.” Shuttle stops could be placed where they are because they’re the hot neighborhoods.

    We can speculate that both relationships are at play to some extent. But it is poor journalism on the part of both Mission Local and the SFGate blogger to make the claim, especially with ML’s blunt headline. There at least needs to be clarification that it is all based on anecdotes not supported by empirical research.

  3. Matt S

    Anyone want to try living in Detroit? 30 percent of homes are vacant since motor city has had a massive decline in “their” industry.

    I applaud tech buses. It is smart, green and progressive. And about 50 less cars I have to drive around everyday!

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