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San Francisco police responded to a shooting Saturday at 1:30 a.m. in the Mission near 16th and Valencia Streets. According to police reports, the suspect walked up to a 28-year-old male victim and shot him multiple times before fleeing the scene. The victim was transported to San Francisco General Hospital for a gunshot wound to the upper body, and died from his injuries there.

The SFPD is not releasing any other information about either the suspect or victim at this time and are encouraging anyone with information about the incident to contact them.

Derek Hypieper, a bartender at Gestalt on 16th Street between Guerrero and Valencia Streets, says when he left the bar at 2:30 a.m. he saw the police and an ambulance at the northeast corner of 16th and Valencia, near the bus stop outside Yoyo restaurant.

“They had closed off the entire area with yellow tape,” he said. “There were tons of cops everywhere, and there was no way through.” He said that 16th Street had been closed off in the direction of Mission, but that Valencia remained opened both ways.

Though he didn’t hear the shooting when it happened, he says the doorman did. “My doorman told me that he heard gunshots at the time.” Asked if there were multiple gunshots, “Oh yeah, it was a lot.”

But when told that someone had been killed, Derek said he had no idea.

“No way, no way,” he said. “I didn’t know about that.”

By late afternoon Saturday a roadside memorial was set up along 16th Street, in front of El Cafetazo. It read “Rest in Paradise Benny.” Whoever left the memorial was not on scene and we can’t confirm that this is for the victim of Saturday’s homicide.

A roadside memorial was set up on Saturday morning in front of El Cafetazo on 16th St., but no details yet on the exact location of the shooting nor on the suspects or victim. The photo says "Rest in Paradise Benny". Photo by Joe Rivano Barros.

Memorial set up in front of El Cafetazo on 16th St., but no details yet if this was the site of the shooting. The photo says “Rest in Paradise Benny”. Photo by Joe Rivano Barros.

This post has been updated since it was first published to reflect new details about Saturday night’s homicide.