San Francisco 311 has a mobile app you can use to report things like graffiti, litter, potholes and abandoned vehicles.

San Francisco 311 has a mobile app you can use to report all manner of urban annoyances, from graffiti to abandoned vehicles. The free app is available for phones or tablets running Apple iOS or Android, and is recommended by organizations like the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, which advertises it for reporting potholes and other hazards.

What can you do on the app?

On the SF311, you can submit requests for:

Abandoned Vehicles, Graffiti, Illegal Postings, Street or Sidewalk Cleaning, Streetlight Repair, Blocked Sidewalk or Space, Damaged Public Property, Litter Receptacle, Park Issue, Sign Repair, Street and Sidewalk Defect, and Tree Maintenance.

You can also search the same knowledge base that 311 Customer Services Representatives use to get information for birth certificates, marriage, tax registration, Healthy San Francisco, department hours / locations, download forms, and more.

Unnecessary capitalization aside, this seems to run the gamut from small irritations to significant hindrances, and Mission Local has some experience with users who have found the app useful and response rapid.

Let us know what you think of it.

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  1. app has been around for at least a year – good to publicize it though. very useful and generally works well.

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