Truck Hits Fire Hydrant on 19th Street

- text and photo by Wilfredo Pascual

A truck hit a fire hydrant in our neighborhood Friday afternoon. The Mission’s gutters flooded on 19th street and sent water spewing two stories high in front of Latin Jewelers across the old El Capital theater.

I ran straight to it, took pictures and got very, very wet. The amazing San Francisco firemen went to work and people took selfies. Meantime, tourists took pictures of people taking selfies. So I took pictures of tourists taking pictures of people taking selfies.

The general manager of Cha Cha restaurant reported in the news that “he noticed one man whose shoes and feet got soaked during the brief flooding.” – text and photo by Wilfredo Pascual

(Note: Our apologies to Wilfredo Pascual as this slipped by us and we are putting it up late. Thank you for the contribution)

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