Muni Sickout Causes Major Delays

File Photo by Courtney Quirin

Some 400 of the 600 buses generally on the roads have been parked by a sickout over labor negotiations, reports SF Gate. 

It looks like there will be delays all day.

Here is the latest from Twitter. We will be updating throughout the day. But the short answer is, take BART, bike or walk home.

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  1. sfparkripoff

    Dear Mayor Ed Lee and SF Board of Supervisors,

    Congratulations! You have made the ENTIRE city dependent on a public transit system that that DOESN’T WORK! Let me repeat that for the hundreds of thousands of people who waited for buses and trains that NEVER CAME THIS WEEK! San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, The Board of Supervisors, and the SFMTA have made the ENTIRE city dependent on a public transit system that that DOESN’T WORK!

    How many times have you all used “transit first” as an excuse to disrupt our lives and empty our wallets? Will all of the money you are collecting the LEAST YOU COULD DO is to keep our transit system running.

    Exactly how much money MORE money does the city need?

    1.City Hall is already bringing in $247,349,190 A YEAR from parking tickets, traffic tickets, red light cameras, gas taxes, vehicle license fees, parking meters, and the many city-owned parking lots.

    2. Add $84 million a year in sales taxes that the SFCTA rakes in to maintain city streets.

    3.In 2003 Proposition K generated roughly 2.5 BILLION “20 programs such as street resurfacing, signs and signals, traffic calming, and transit

    4. IN 2007 – Proposition A, another ballot measure generated ANOTHER $31 million in revenue.

    5. In 2011 Proposition B the Road Repaving
    &Street Safety Bond generated another $248 million for Pedestrian, bicycle, & transit projects

    And now now the city comes CRAWLING BACK TO TRANSIT RIDERS with their hands out to try and pass ANOTHER $1.5 billion in taxes fees and bonds?

    MUNI doesn’t have a money problem. SFMTA has a spending problem. They alsolive in a time warp. They are planning for 2030 and we are living in 2014. When things are mess now, why should we trust them to fix the future?

    “Transit First” Means FIX PUBLIC TRANSIT FIRST!

    • marcos

      SFMTA and Planning have a corruption problem where they are catering to all interests but riders and operators and we are on the catering menu.

      • John

        The operators do just fine, despite their whining. That’s a big part of the problem.

        The system doesn’t work but it would be much easier to deal with that if there were genuine competition.

        Any business that covers only 20% of its costs in revenues is a failure.

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