Man Shot and Killed in Friday Morning Shooting

Illustration by Molly Oleson.

A reader wrote in this morning to give some details of a fatal Friday morning shooting, which happened at roughly at 9:15 a.m, he wrote.

I was there basically, walking up mission, a quarter block south on mission walking toward 15th.  I didn’t see the shooting, but of course heard it, and saw the aftermath.  The deceased was sitting in the drivers seat of a parked late model convertible along 15th St, across from the Walden house treatment center, when he was shot.  The shooter apparently then hoped into a car and took off.

A woman emerged screaming from the walden house 10-15 seconds later and ran to the victim who was slumped in the car.   He was still alive initially, but it was fairly evidence when the undercover police arrived on the scene first and put him on the sidewalk and started doing CPR, the amount of blood he was loosing, this was a losing battle for all.

Police told the SF Weekly that the victim, who has not been identified, was taken to San Francisco General Hospital where he died later that day.

No one has been arrested. Police were canvassing the area on Friday to find witnesses, SF Weekly reported.  

If you see anything happen on the street that is news or something we should follow up on, please let us know and we will try to get to it.

Thank you to the reader who e-mailed this in.

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  1. Middle-aged

    The Examiner (along with the Merc, the Weekly, and even the Chronicle) are reporting that the deceased has been identified as Dominic Anderson, 25, of San Francisco. None provide any other details.

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