DIY Abortions on the Rise in Texas

Former Mission Local editor Erica Hellerstein  just published an exceptional piece in The Atlantic about a black market pill called “miso,” used to terminate pregnancies. The pill has been gaining popularity throughout Latin America for years, and as U.S. states pass more restrictions on abortions, it’s showing up on the Texas border. Erica’s piece is a fascinating read; here’s a taste:

Over the past several years, dozens of states have restricted abortions. Since 2011, at least 73 abortion clinics in the nation have shut down or stopped providing services; and more than 200 abortion restrictions were legislated throughout the nation. Despite the passage of Roe v. Wade more than 40 years ago, states with pro-life politicians are still gunning to reverse the ruling—in the words of Rick Perry in 2012, “my goal is to make abortion, at any stage, a thing of the past.”

Yet these myriad restrictions on women and abortion providers have set the stage for women to skirt medical institutions to take charge of their own health. A similar story has already been written in many countries around the world, where pro-life legislation has inspired similarly creative solutions. Today, throughout Texas—from the Rio Grande Valley to El Paso—miso’s story is being drafted anew. And in this narrative, it is Latin America that has answers for the United States.

Definitely consider giving this long read your time this weekend.

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