Campos Out Early on Voting Day

Campos greeting commuters this morning. Photo by Lydia Chávez
A supporter out on Valencia and 22nd Streets on Monday evening. Photo by Lydia Chávez

A supporter out on Valencia and 22nd streets on Monday evening. Photo by Lydia Chávez

District Supervisor  David Campos was out early today at the 24th Street BART Plaza. He said he felt good about San Francisco’s 17 Assembly District three-way race with Board of Supervisor President David Chiu and Republican David  David Carlos Salaverry.

Most likely he will be facing Chiu again in November.

In the last week walking around the Mission, we’ve only seen Campos workers on Valencia and Mission streets, but most likely Chiu and Salaverry have been campaigning elsewhere in the city.

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  1. John

    Campos doesn’t go outside go outside his narrow comfort zone. He spent most of his time in his own district which shows a lamentable lack of confidence that he can pull off the kind of across-the-board compromise- forging that will be needed in Sacramento.

    Chiu put a lot of time into the Castro, and has his campaign office there. Wiener is telling gays to support Chiu even though he’s not gay. If Chiu gets the gay vote, Campos is toast.

    One other thing. About 10% of SF voters are Republican. Never enough to win but in a tight race, that will be crucial. Salaverry voters will switch to Chiu in November so Campos needs to win by more than 10% today or he will look like a sure loser in November. While if he comes second today, his funding will dry up.

    • marcos

      Most all Republicans who would vote for Chiu vote for Chiu. The Republicans who vote Republican are loathe to vote for any Democrat, even out of fear.

  2. Guest

    Good analysis John.

  3. SFrentier

    God, I hope Crapos loses.

    And, I’m not a republican (rich enough to be a limousine liberal 🙂

  4. SFrentier (formerly poor.ass.millionaire)

    Looks like Chiu is beating Crapos too. Yay! Clearly a race of the lesser of two evils. Hope chiu pulls it off in November too. And maybe, just maybe, he will remember that property owners turned out for him…

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