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Screenshot from OnPublico.

We have to catch up and write a fuller piece, but there is another place to check for news these days. It is OnPublico, a venture headed by three Spanish entrepreneurs — two of them Mission residents — who have a background in journalism. It is definitely worth checking out.

Here’s a small explanation from their website:

Here, citizens report and update the news by taking pictures and videos with their phones. Short captions and tags are added to provide additional detail.

At Onpublico all news matters and we will not tell you what to report. Individuals and the Onpublico community define what is and isn’t newsworthy. If you witness an event that is interesting, odd, or astonishing in any way, share it. We take no stance on stories but will remove/edit offensive or inaccurate content.

Our goal is to create a public and open space where people work together to keep each other aware of what’s happening around them as it’s happening. GO TO THE SITE.


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