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It is 7 a.m, 56° and headed to 65°. Details for the next,  mostly sunny, ten days are here.

It’s been a glorious week, and Dan in Good Morning Mission has even suggested that readers play hooky.  While we discourage such behavior at Mission Local – Poor Andrea is told she is blessed with having so many unused sick days – we know that good weather brings out the desire to ditch work.  So, we put Stefania Rousselle to work and sent her to Dolores Park to discover if anyone there was playing hooky.  This is what she found.

Such confidence must come from a plentitude of jobs.  And, yes, the SF is doing well, according to the new unemployment stats released on Friday in which the city’s unemployment rate was only 4.4 percent, a number considered virtually full employment.

We posted a slide show on Burning Man’s new offices on Alabama sort of late on Friday, so in case you missed it,  here it is. 

For the civic minded in Bernal, it’s time to rise and get out to the Community Congress that starts at 9 a.m today.

And finally, our friend at Burrito Justice has been working on the 1906 earthquake. 

Enjoy the day!

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I’ve been a Mission resident since 1998 and a professor emeritus at Berkeley’s J-school since 2019 when I retired. I got my start in newspapers at the Albuquerque Tribune in the city where I was born...

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