City College Deadline Cannot Be Extended

Photo by Lydia Chávez

Federal officials told Congressmen Nancy Pelosi that City College of San Francisco’s deadline to fix its problems and is set at July 31st and cannot be extended, according to a report in SF Gate.   CCSF has some 80,000 students.

Pelosi and other California politicians and education officials want the commission to extend the July 31 deadline to give the college of nearly 80,000 students more time to fix serious fiscal and governance issues and avoid closure. The college has a temporary reprieve pending the outcome of a trial in October. But officially, the July 31 deadline stands.

But the commission leaders told Pelosi that the assurances from Lynn Mahaffie, a senior accrediting director with the Education Department, contradict earlier notices from the U.S. Department of Education that the commission has already been too lenient with City College. READ MORE

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  1. DPClean

    City College is a great school.

    Like the several Congresswomen said, it is time to change the leadership at the AJxxx Commission.

  2. two beers

    John, you don’t know anything about what CCSF has gone through, but the potential to shut down a public institution serving the poor and working people you despise and exploit gives you such a hardon that you can’t help but rejoice at the opportunity to shit on those same underprivileged you’ve made a career out of fleecing.

  3. two beers

    hello, Lydiar? Your headline and lede are totally wrong,a and contradict the SF Gate story you link to. Please reread the article, and please correct your errors!

    It’s not that the Federal deadline can’t be extended — US Dept of Ed officials say that it CAN be extended — it’s that the private accreditation agency WON’T extend it.

    The ACCJC are NOT Federal officials.

    You have it completely backwards!

    • John

      Why would the Feds interfere with the findings of an official State body whose only purpose is to assess such institutions?

      What special knowledge would the Feds have to interfere with such a routine evaluatory function?

      And why are you looking for any solution other than CCSF fixing the mess they have created through mismanagement at all levels along with overt political interference?

      • two beers

        You idiot propagandist hypocrite. But I repeat myself.

        1. The ACCJC is NOT an official “State” body. it is regionally sanctioned by the US Dept of Ed, and covers areas outside of California.

        You are either a liar or an idiot, or both.

        2. The Us Dept of Ed in NOT interfering. The ACCJC claims that the US Dept of Ed will not let it extend the deadline. Upon Pelosi’s inquiry, The US Dept of Ed told her that this is NOT TRUE, It is a LIE.

        Why do you encourage, support, and cover for liars, John?

        3. This is not a “routine” evaluation. The ACCJC accredits less than 20% of all national community colleges, yet accounts for over 85% of all national community college sanctions.

        What is “routine” about that, John?

        4. CCSF has spent tens of thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to appease the ACCJC, but it doesn’t matter what they do, because the ACCJC simply wants to shut them down.

        You can’t appease sociopaths. But as a sociopath, you already know that. Right, John?

        5. Among the ACCJC’s biggest gripes with CCSF is that CCSF spends TOO LITTLE on administration. Read that again and explain that, you Reaganite small-government fuckhead.HYPOCRITE.

        hey, John? Go fuck yourself in Grover Norquist;s bathtub, okay?

        • two beers

          The fact is, you can’t refute my facts that prove you’re a filthy lying, hypocrite. Hide behind your pious sanctimony, little boy.

        • marcos

          More policies that I’ve had a hand in moving have become public policy than the number of inane and non-sequitor posts you’ve made which is quite an accomplishment.

  4. two beers

    This has been up all day, Lydia, and it’s bullshit disinformation. I’m sure you don’t intend to spread these lies.

    Please correct your story.

    • John

      Expressing a different perspective from you is a valid journalistic endeavor.

      • two beers

        Moron. There aren’t “two sides” to facts.

        Lydia isn’t “expressing a different perspective” — she’s committing editing malpractice here.

        I don’t get it, because she’s generally very good. Has Lydia’s brain been hijacked by John?

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