24th Street Businesses Talk About Business

Much has been said about the newcomers on 24th Street and in the Mission District. As part of our effort to chronicle the changes, we decided to go out and have some conversations with those doing business.

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  1. poor.ass.millionaire

    Just about all the interviewees gave reasonable and thoughtful responses. Except the 2nd one, the intolerant Latina lady with her this is “our neighborhood, our people, doesn’t like newcomers” attitude. What a close minded and intolerant ignoramus. But I’m glad all the others are people I’d be willing to support.

    • Old Mission Neighbor

      Judging from her attitude and inability to adapt, I bet she’s the out of the bunch that’s not going to be in business in a year.

      • poor.ass.millionaire

        She’s certainly not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

      • Russo

        Nowhere in this video is anyone’s race mentioned. But leave it to race-baiter “John” to introduce it—as always.

        • Old Mission Neighbor

          “Before, it was only Latino businesses”

          Race is mentioned in this video.

    • marz attax

      The dull knives are you people. She owns a check cashing business you morons… Not everyone has direct deposit.

    • Ed

      Yeah, her comments are exclusionary, but she’s speaking about her business’s services. People who are less likely to have family abroad are less likely to use the services she offers. She doesn’t have motivation or reward for catering to a population that doesn’t use her services. That’s not racist–that’s business. If she can make rent and payroll without brogrammer-friendly offerings, then she doesn’t need to change!

      • poor.ass.millionaire

        I doubt she’ll survive the mission transformation, especially with her uneducated attitude. She will need to adjust to the demographic changes and offer other services or products, but I doubt she’s smart enough to do that. Once LL jacks up rent, she’s otta there. Adios!

      • chente

        Johnma the fact you think few Latinos can afford to eat at expensice restaurants shows your true prejudice and ignorance.

        • John

          Chente, it doesn’t matter for my point whether they can afford to eat there or not. The point is that IF they choose not to eat there for whatever reason, then a white owner is entitled to say that she wants to see less Hispanics in the Mission. That’s just business.

          Or at least that is what Ed is saying when rationalizing this Hispanic woman’s racism.

          Or is racism OK as long as it is done against whites? Is that it?

    • jaybee

      that woman doesn’t say a thing about race or not liking newcomers. she states the plain fact that her business model is such that she’s not affected by the newcomers one way or another. try stepping away from the kneejerk i’m-a-poor-persecuted-white-guy complex for the half minute her segment takes and listen/read what she actually says.

      • chente

        its pretty obvious Johnma is the real racist. He attacks Latinos every chance he gets and makes ignorant prejudice statements every week. I

  2. Godzuki

    Mike only hates racism when it “affects white people”.

    • John

      I don’t know who Mike is but the only racist cited in this article is the Hispanic woman who hates whites.

      Not that that really affects white people, but she will probably go out of business.

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