SNAP: Experiencing the Mission

One year and seven months have passed since I moved to this country and this city of San Francisco. Of this bright, colorful city, what is most known to me is 24th Street because I walk across it to get to school and back home almost every day. Coming from El Salvador, one of the smallest countries in Central America, I can safely say this street and all of the Mission area make me feel right at home.

Everything, from the people, to the food and businesses have striking similarities to El Salvador. To be honest, I would have never believed it if someone told me I’d be able to go to so many Salvadoran restaurants in such a small part of town. This is mostly thanks to the people, the community and all of the area’s residents, being people like me who came to this country in search for something better and to make this place somewhere they can call home.

Walking through Harrison, Folsom and South Van Ness streets reminds me of home, because of the greenery, the flickering lights of eclectic colors, the bustling state of the street and all the sounds that come together to form a familiar tune — the tune of home. The first time I walked through 24th, it was extremely surprising how much it resembled so many parts of the country that saw me grow into who I am today. Especially places like 24th and Mission streets, which takes after plazas from the city I was raised in, San Salvador, El Salvador.

Vendors, people walking to and fro, buses taking people around and even the weather all came together at once to relay a message. It was a feeling that told me that here, in this new city, where everything was unknown and full of possibilities, I would be able to go far. And that was thanks to the effort of countless generations that worked hard to give newcomers a better future in a place they can call home.

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  1. mario

    Wait until you get robbed then lets talk. I grew in in the mission on 25th and Alabama my name is Mario I went to St.Peters then Riordan HS.

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