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Sad news for the dive scene all around: Scott Ellsworth, owner of the Uptown bar, on Capp and 17th streets, suffered a heart attack and passed away last weekend. The death has come as a surprise to everyone, and people close to Ellsworth have posted remembrances on his Facebook page.

The Uptown is such a beloved bar in this city, especially among its regulars, for good reason, and I imagine the tributes to Ellsworth will only grow over time, per the Bold Italic.

The Uptown Bar is a beloved bar among locals and celebrities. Here’s a sound recorder’s account on how the Uptown Bar had a golden moment for him.

The Uptown is the closest bar to my office, and is a classic Mission Districthipster dive bar. One hot, Indian Summer day in the fall, it was filled with patrons, windows flung open…but the jukebox was off. And everyone was concentrated by the bar and front door, leaving the back area empty.

Anyone who tries to record diffuse crowd sounds, or “walla,” knows that this is a golden moment. Human voices, but little intelligible conversation, no background music, not too far away from the noise source. I ordered a beer, sat as far away from everyone as I could, and started rolling on my handheld recorder. MORE HERE.

We’ll update as we get more information.

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