Listen Local: Rebranding the Mission

An approximate rendering of "The Quad" as christened by a real estate agent.

In this edition of the Listen Local podcast Jasmin Koerber and Rigoberto Hernandez chat about San Francisco’s obsession with names. The Chron recently published an article detailing some of these names and we explore some of the most interesting ones. Take a listen.

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  1. ThatGuy

    I’m glad you guys explained this but… why do we care what people call “micro” hoods? Who cares? Its marketing! Its fun. If you don’t like it, don’t use it.

    Also, by most ML commenter standards Jasmin Koerber does not sounds like a “true native”. She’s German!

    Anyway, I like to production quality of the clip. More please!

    • marcos

      Yay,”marketing is fun!” Rebranding stuff to get people who otherwise would not to buy stuff with no concern to the consequences. Advertising is hate speech.

      • mission resident

        “Advertising is Hate Speech” is one of the most ridiculous comments I’ve ever seen on this site. And that’s saying something considering some of the things people post here.

        Advertisers do not take money out of people’s wallets. It’s a choice to spend your money.

        • marcos

          Messaging people with psychologically designed interventions to convince them to purchase stuff because advertisers and their customers do not trust people to inform themselves and make their own choices is where the hate speech originates.

  2. Godzuki

    Marketers are basically slaves to you, the potential consumer. If you reject anything they offer, they must slavishly follow to “close the deal”, even if it’s theoretical. Just correct them every single time they misspeak. Like a child.

  3. sjg

    More ridiculous shit from realtors.

    According to this map, my small street in the Castro is only 3/4 in the “Quad”. A house on my part of the street is considered a quad house, yet if you go across the street from my house it is not in the quad,

    • poor.ass.millionaire

      Bro, that’s how ALL borders work! There is always a last street, etc. sorry ’bout that.

      • John

        The Mission is crying out to be sub-divided into more coherent and meaningful districts, because it covers such a large and disparate area.

        Bernal Heights has had a separate identity since forever although some see that as a kissing cousin of the Mission.

        Liberty Hill and Mission Dolores have carved themselves out as distinct entities for a long time now. I’ve seen the term “Mission Creek” used for the aspirational Harrison Street corridor. And the rather ugly acronym NEMIZ has currency too.

        It’s all harmless fun, unless you’re the kind of person who takes everything way too seriously.

        I think a major schism should be made between the industrial/commercial district to the east, the Hispanic density centered around 24th Street, and the leafy, affluent part of the Mission west of Valencia.

  4. Peter

    Neighborhood are nebulous: they do not have hard borders like a state or a county or a zip code. There’s a core and then there’s a blend into other neighborhoods. People striving to brand their sub neighboorhood clearly have too much time on their hands. Who really cares if you live in La Lengua or Bernal Heights?

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