MAPP’s Tonight! The Mission’s Performance Fest

CLICK HERE FOR THE Map/Venues and Performance Times

This month’s MAPP – the Mission Arts and Performance Project –  has 14 locations and dozens of performances.

You can use the map we have created or you can go to MAPP’s website to check the schedule.  If you are there and take some short video, send it to us at and we’ll post it.

Regardless, it  is a terrific, very special Mission evening.  We’ve curated some of our favorite MAPP coverage, on the side and also below.  This month’s MAPP is dedicated to Alex Nieto, who was shot and killed by San Francisco police on March 21,  and the third year anniversary of the nuclear disaster in Fukushima Japan.  

Want background on how MAPP got started? Read Mapping the Mission One Backyard at a Time, by Heather Smith.

Some MAPP nights:

The Robots of Carl Pisaturo. 

MAPP, Super Cool Primo.

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  1. nutrisystem

    None of the 14 MAPP venues charges admission, and therefore they are not generating any economic activity.

    This socialistic event is offensive to the new entrepreneurial spirit of San Francisco. How dare these people do something that isn’t about money?

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