ICHI Sushi Gets Some Love

Courtesy of ICHI Sushi

Michael Bauer visited the new location of ICHI Sushi at 3282 Mission St. 

On two nights, we hopscotched around the menu, getting suggestions from the waiter along the way. On another visit, we asked the chef to prepare an omakase menu to show off his cutting, searing, wrapping and condiment-dabbing techniques.

After that meal, which featured dishes from the regular menu, we decided that letting the chef orchestrate the experience was the best way to go. The menu is mostly nigiri, progressing from lighter to heavier preparations, with a few cold and hot dishes in between to round out the dinner. Diners determine the number of courses.

We kept eating and eating because we were so intrigued by what Archuleta was doing; the fish and the order in which it was served seemed more coherent than when we ordered on our own. Before we knew it, we had spent about $90 a person for food. For quality sushi, that’s not bad. READ THE FULL REVIEW.

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