Alejandro Nieto’s Family Files a Claim Against the City

Side-by-side comparison created by SFPD of Taser gun (left column) and standard fire arm (right column) presented during March 2014 community meeting.

The Nieto family has filed a wrongful death claim against the city, KQED reports. Their son, Alejandro Nieto, was killed by police officers who went to investigate a call about a person in Bernal Park carrying a firearm.  

The claim alleges Nieto was shot at least 10 times, including once in the forehead. Burris said that information came from his office’s independent viewing of Nieto’s body, because the San Francisco medical examiner has not released a report. The medical examiner did not return requests for information about the report’s status.

Nieto’s friend, Ben Bac Sierra, said he obtained audio from a home security camera that captured multiple bursts of gunfire, but police have not released dispatch tapes from the incident. READ MORE.

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