The Mission’s Hottest Hub?

Photo by Kathleen Narruhn.

It’s been developing for some time — the southeast Mission where the Atlas Cafe has long lived, joined a few years ago by Southern Exposure and then many others.

A realtor said recently referring to this area: People want to be around their favorite restaurants.

So, it’s no longer schools but restaurants?

At any rate, Angela Tafoya has a post on the hub with some nice photos. 

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  1. John

    You can always tell when a neighborhood has arrived when realtors give it a name. Apparently this little area is now referred to as “Mission Creek” in honor of the stream that used to run along Harrison before it was undergrounded.

    My first building was in this area. At the time, the block was all rentals with one exception. I sold it eventually and, by that time, the entire block was owner-occupied, anchored by a new condo building. 100% turnover.

    The New Mission isn’t developing along the arteries even though they get all the attention. But rather there are islands of progress and prosperity scattered about, proliferating and coalescing. It’s exciting to watch and be a part of.

    • City

      John you and your buddies will always just be guests in our neighborhood. It would be exciting to see you shut the fuck up for once.

      • John

        City, if I ever do defer to you, it certainly will not be for as long as you think obscenities and abuse are appropriate vehicles of communication.

        Do you have anything to say about the topic here?

        The irony is that I’ve probably been in the Mission longer than you.

      • pete

        Who’s the ‘our’ you’re talking about?

      • Kaliman

        City – just ignore the troll. He’s nothing more than a racist, divisive, real estate speculator/landlord. Just because he states that he has been in the Mission for a long time makes him the know-it-all troll. Name the topic and he will bite and comment. Poor fellow.

        • missionista

          Kaliman, You and City seem to be the “trolls” here, if you use the definition that is generally accepted. John made a comment, and you and City have to attack him, without good reason or substance. If you disagree with him, say so respectfully, and stop acting like trolls. For all you know, there are more people in the Mission who agree with him than with you, regardless of how “authentic” you feel yourself to be. It takes all kind, and San Francisco is famous for its tolerance.

    • pete

      Yeah, it’s great to see this section taking off. There’s also a new place opening soon at 21st and Alabama. Exciting…

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