SF Likes Tech, Favors Regulating Shuttles

EMC Research conducted a poll on tech for the Bay Area Council and we have made a slide show for you from the pdf that is on line. 

The methodology: A telephone survey of 500 likely November 2014 voters done between March 10 and March 16th.  Margin of error: +4.38 percentage points The interviews were conducted by trained, professional interviewers in English and Cantonese. It’s unclear why there were none done in Spanish.


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  1. anon

    these results must just irk the crap out you

    • John

      Yes, i have been saying for months that the silent majority are OK with tech and the shuttles, and that it is a small noisy minority who are whining.

      This poll bears that out.

      • two beers

        John, if the ‘silent majority” is anything like you, they never shut up.

        • John

          If the silent majority does ever get a voice, folks like you are doomed. You rely on them keeping out of it.

          You cannot do that on election day, of course. It’s between elections when the fringe left dominates the debate by making all the effort and noise.

          I’m just doing my part for the little guy, by putting you on notice that we’re mad as hell and not going to take it any more.

          And this poll says that in spades.

          • C. Russo

            8 Washington.

          • two beers

            God, you are one twisted, paranoid, megalomaniacal nutball.

            “silent majority”…”nattering nabobs of negativity”….

            Nice job channeling Nixon/Agnew.

            Can’t wait for you start channeling William Buckley. Wait, you have the same pompous, elitist posturing, the same constipated syntax….Bill, is that you?

          • John

            Still no refutation, 2beers? Just insults?

            Russo, one lousy building stopped only because you had a billionaire in your corner doesn’t mean a lot.

          • two beers

            Actually, fucktard, polls show Americans are to the left of center on most important issues. Anything left of center has been demonized by your friends in the MSM for decades, so few people self-identify as left-of-center anymore, but their values are clearly in the spirit of the New Deal.

            The majority of Americans favor social security, single-payer health care, decriminalized drugs, environmental protection, worker protections, less military spending, prosecution of Wall Sr banksters, etc.

            You don’t speak for the “silent majority.” You speak for the Koch Brothers, the Walton billionaires, and Wall St conmen Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein..

            You speak for the rich and powerful sociopaths who control the government, and pillage the wealth created by working people, and who claim they are doing God’s work while they shove families out on the streets.


            If there is a silent majority, you’re on their shitlist, bub.

          • John

            Fucktard? Really? Why is it that folks on the left cannot hear a contrary opinion without immediately resorting into obscenities and abuse? Is it that you lack the confidence in your debating skills and so vent bile rapidly as a compensation?

            Your long post can be distilled into a simple allegation that there is a vast right-wing conspiracy against socialism. Not true. Americans have always been opposed to socialism.

            Americans want a shot at getting rich, and they accept that along with that comes a greater disparity of outcomes.

            If our system is so much worse than elsewhere, why are tens of millions of people from “elsewhere” clamoring to move here?

            A more logical step for you if you really feel this way is to move to some socialist nation in Europe, Asia or South America.

  2. George

    If the interview neglects Spanish anywhere in the state of California the results,no matter how large the sample, should not be considered representative. My opinion.

    • John

      Only if the poll includes illegals.

      English language skills are required to pass the US citizenship test, so if the poll was only of registered voters (presumably) then English is the only language required.

    • Stater of the Obvious

      Most Spanish speaking voters also speak English, therefore its not necessary to poll in Spanish in San Francisco. Just a waste of money.

  3. pete

    Of course. Can we all move on now?

  4. chris

    This poll doesnt include questions pertaining to the impact tech has had on rents across SF.
    If there were questions on that subject, Im confident the results would demonstrate a negative view of the tech industry along with real estate speculators and rental property owners seeking to evict long-time tenants…

    • Lores

      Explain to me how 6% of all SF workers can be blamed for these rediculous price hikes?

      • John

        Exactly. This alleged link with higher rents is unsubstantiated.

        • nutrisystem

          A small percentage of deep pocket players absolutely will spike the price of a product with inelastic demand (like housing).

          So, YES, the 6% of highly paid tech workers have resulted in tripled rents on available apartments.

          The effect of this is that nobody EXCEPT highly paid tech workers can now enter the city, and ordinary persons who are displaced must leave the city..

          • John

            The real problem is that we haven’t built enough new homes (because of NIMBY land use policies) and because we see very little turnover of existing rental units (because of rent control).

            Fix our inflationary land use rules and the city can easily accommodate some successful people and much needed high-value workers without undue stress.

  5. Tom T.

    My reaction? How about this: Here’s a link to a more thorough, better written article than the one.


  6. Bob

    Nice to see some data. Most of SF likes tech buses and tech workers. Time to find a new protest target.

    • nutrisystem

      Bay Area Council (which paid for this white-washing) is a Tech industry lobbying organization.

      • John

        It’s reasonable that they would want to know what public opinion is.

        Especially if, as many of us have long said, this is more a pseudo-problem created by the media that does not reflect the thinking of most people, as the poll conclusively shows.

  7. nutrisystem

    This is pure propaganda.

    The Bay Are Council which paid for this “research” is a Silicon Valley based tech industry lobbying organization.

    It’s a well know fact that surveys can be designed to obtain any desired result.

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