Privacy Files: Terms of Trust

Attention Obama Leaks Defense Division!

Hey guys, why haul journalists into court for doing their job? Take a tip from the private sector.  You want to find the leaker? Read the reporter’s email account.

That’s the Microsoft way, reports Business Insider. Microsoft, another Tech Titan bleating loudly over government spying, had no problem diving into the Hotmail account of a blogger the company suspected of having received leaked code and software related to the Windows 8 release.  A former Microsoft employee has been indicted in Federal court based on emails found in the blogger’s account. According to the indictment

Microsoft kibkalko

(TWCI stands for Trustworthy Computer Investigations, Microsoft’s “security” team)

So Microsoft thinks a crime has been committed. Does it go to the police, a magistrate, a judge? No. Leave it to Microsoft’s lawyers to ponder the issue and determine whether the company’s incomprehensible “terms of service” gives the company the right to break into and read an innocent third party’s email.

But what happens when a company’s terms of service conflicts with the public’s terms of trust? On Friday, six moguls met with Obama to trash talk trust. For them trust isn’t a matter of civil liberties or civic decency, it’s about whether anyone can trust American technology products, the companies that make them, and a government whose intrusion has been long out of control.

In short, it’s a matter of money.

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  1. nutrisystem

    Try reading the terms of service of any of these companies…

    By page ten, it’s clear that these companies claim ownership of EVERY miniscule thing they’ve recorded you doing, for EVER, for ANY purpose they desire.

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