Good Morning Mission

It’s 7 a.m, 55° and headed to 69° – the kind of weather that promises to fill Dolores Park. We will cover the park’s last full Sunday before the fence goes up this week. Details for the weather over next ten days are here. It looks ridiculously good all week.

Police officer doing better.  The officer shot in Saturday afternoon’s incident, is stable and recovering, according to the latest from police.

Detained.  Earlier today, three suspects were detained after a car chase that took officers down to San Jose.

In-laws welcome.  At least the units in the Castro. Scott Wiener’s proposal to legalize the units moved through the Planning Commission and goes to the Board of Supervisors next, reports SF Gate. 

Uber Ego. You have to wonder about a start-up that spends $12 million to renovate office space.  Now that feels like the last dotcom boom.  Austin wants nothing to do with it and warned tech workers at SXSW, to take only permitted transportation vehicles, according to Tech Crunch. 

Enjoy the day!

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  1. John

    The Wiener in-law idea is an excellent one because, unlike the ideas of other supervisors, it will actually create new housing rather than just try and micromanage what happens to existing housing.

    The problem with it, apart from its limited area of relevancy, is that it is unclear if these new in-law units will be subject to rent control or not.. Wiener says his legislation is “silent on that” and that State law applies.

    And State law itself is ambiguous on it with the result that some existing in-laws are under rent control and some are not.

    One thing is certain though. If I create one of these new in-laws and it is deemed to be subject to rent control, then I will not be renting it out long-term, but rather via AirBnB or similar.

    An affirmative statement that these new units would be exempt from rent control in the same way that all other new units are exempt, would really help actually create new rental housing.

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