Good Morning Mission!

Refreshing a Mission Mural, Photo by Ed Brownson

It’s 7 a.m., 54° and headed to 62°. Details for the next 10 days are here.

“Deeply Expressive.” It is the kind of review anyone would like to get. Stray Poems by Alejandro Murguia, the city’s first Latino Poet Laureate, gets it in the San Jose Mercury News. The collection is dedicated to the Mission District where Murguia wrote his first book.

Every blog needs a billionaire. This is what a friend’s daughter once told me. Well, here is our list. 

Journo jobs. SF Weekly is looking for food writers. 

Enjoy the day!

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  1. John

    I hadn’t looked at the Forbes list for a while and it’s interesting to see that the richest folks now have over 70 billion. For the longest time, nobody could break through the 50 billion mark, but now the target seems to be 100 billion.

    But it is essentially the same folks who would have topped list list a decade ago, so the idea that the richest people are the new generation of tech whizzes is inaccurate. You can become rich quickly and at a young age, but to become filthy rich still lakes decades of success.

    Who will be first to 100 billion? Probably not Gates or Buffett, as they are giving it all away (and it’s hard to spend that much). But could it be someone we’ve not heard of? A biotech guy who cures cancer, perhaps? Or a Chinese plutocrat? We live in interesting and opportunistic times, and it’s good to see the US still dominating the list.

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