Why People Live in Cincinnati

An online mortgage calculator HSH shows what you have to make a year in 25 different cities to make mortgage payments on the average home, writes the Business Insider. 

In Cincinnati, you have to make $22, 227 a year to buy a home where the average price is 127,700. In San Francisco you should make at least $117,000. I doubt that’s enough in the current market, but it is a start. READ MORE.

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  1. John

    The problem in SF is that the entitlement mob want to live in SF on an earning capacity most suited to Ohio.

    That way, misery lies.

    • C. Russo

      The misery I see is hundreds of variations on the same comment made by an apparently lonely man.

      • John

        Too bad you resort so quickly and easily to personal insults and attacks when faced with a truth that you cannot debunk.

        • landline

          Referring to people as an “entitlement mob” isn’t using insults and attacks? You are the worst offender on these pages, which is obvious since you write the most comments by far.

          • John

            Entitlement is an ugly attitude and I make no apology for calling people out who deliberately seek to personally profit from another’s situation.

            And the word “mob” is fair when it describes a gaggle of people trying to, say, stop people getting to work.

          • landline

            Did you call yourself out when you profited by carrying out no-fault evictions? Name-calling, race-baiting hypocrite. That’s what you are.

          • John

            So, nothing on topic at all, landline? As usual, just personal attacks in lieu of argument and debate.

          • landline

            Everything I wrote was on topic. You accused someone of personal attacks and insults while doing so yourself. You made some lame, incoherent, vague statement about profiting from another’s situation while your business model is based on just that.

            To what “entitlement” do you constantly refer? The entitlements that the city is granting to developers? Or the tax breaks it is giving to tech companies?

          • John

            No, you never miss an opportunity to try and attack me, presumably because you cannot refute me and the real truth scares you.

            Too bad. I will continue to tell the truth here and call out hypocrites and parasites.

            And I said nothing about profiting from anyone, so that’s another lie to add to your collection.

          • landline

            You profited from no-fault evictions and from your “good luck in the long game” when your elderly tenant broke his hip and had to move from his apartment. How do I know this? Because you boast about it as if it shows some great business acumen rather than sociopathy. How many actual housing units have you developed or built?

          • John

            OK, so you now admit that I made that “lame” statement and instead admit that it was your inference? A good start.

            Of course a business should be profitable. If it is not, then you lose your home, your job, and probably everything else you value.

          • John

            Correction: you now admit I made NO such statement in this thread. You simply want to re-start an argument from days ago which you lost, and you think you can do better this time.

            Trust me, you cannot. My conscience is clear and my actions are fully legal.

  2. community

    having grown up in Cincinnati, you would have to pay me $100K/year to live there again.

    as usual, you get what you pay for, and that is why Cincinnati is cheap — it is a terrible city.

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