Two Hospitalized After Motorcycle and Car Collide on South Van Ness

Two people on a motorcycle were taken to the hospital today after their cycle collided at 17th Street with a Ford Fusion going north on South Van Ness.

Police at the scene of the accident declined to give any information about the two people.

Police said the driver of the car was unhurt.

We will add information as we get it.

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  1. ThatGuy


  2. someJuan

    That car is a Ford Taurus, not a Ford Fusion.

  3. Thisguy

    No updates on this? I watched this accident happen and am really hoping they’re ok.

    • metoo

      I would like an update as well. I saw this accident and was really worried about those poor people.

    • methree

      I also witnessed the accident and would appreciate an update.

      • Lydia Chavez Staff

        We are trying to update this as you are all right, this was a bad accident. The hospital will not give out any information and the police will not give out names. IF any readers know the victims, please help out.

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