SocketSite Sticks By Its Report on the Elbo Room

SocketSite reports that its initial report on the Elbo Room closing was understated.

While some felt our report overstated the intent and seriousness of the plans, including Matt Shapiro, the operator of the Elbo Room, who dismissively posted that the Elbo Room wasn’t closing “any time soon” and that the owners of the building weren’t serious about acting on the plans, our report was actually understated.

A detailed set of architectural plans has been drafted for the project and the building’s owners have authorized the architects to act as their agents in submitting applications for environmental reviews, a historic resource evaluation, variances and Conditional Use. That’s every step required to get the project formally approved. READ MORE.

Matt Shapiro, who owns the business, but not the building, maintains that the owners are behind him. “I was aware they had done this, however I know how long our lease is and also know they do not plan to initiate anything that would affect our current operations for a long time to come,” he wrote in an email over the weekend. “I am not worried.”

When asked when the lease would be up, he wrote, “…There are certain details that I’m saving for the story I am writing. Just know that everything I have told you is true and hopefully you will celebrate the Elbo Room and the fact that we will be here for a long time to come.”

The owners could not be reached for comment.

Our earlier story is here. 

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