NewsHour Tech Segment Promises Fun and Irreverence

The PBS NewsHour’s new tech segment, “Everything But the News” launched last week.

The press office describes it below, but you’ll get a better sense of it watching Episode 1 above. Reporter Steve Goldbloom and his cameraman, Noah Pink, go to VidCon in Los Angeles in search of a story and discover a world of video watchers and makers with serious attention-deficit issues.

EVERYTHING BUT THE NEWS is a documentary-style series that follows the misadventures of a MacNeil/Lehrer-obsessed journalist attempting to cover the tech scene in California.

Motivated by landing a permanent position as a correspondent for the PBS NewsHour, cub reporter Steve Goldbloom tries to cover, with varying degrees of success, how technology is disrupting a host of different industries including ridesharing, education, comedy, fundraising, and dating.

Subjects interviewed for the series include the senior leadership and CEOs from companies such as Uber, Grindr, Reddit, Funny or Die, Khan Academy, Fitbit, YouTube Space, and IndieGoGo, as well as Adam Carolla and Marc Maron, among others.

EVERYTHING BUT THE NEWS blurs the line between fiction and reality. Each episode begins with a PBS NewsHour anchor (Gwen Ifill, Judy Woodruff, and Hari Sreenivasan) introducing the segment as a standard news report.

The first original online comedy by PBS, the series spans 10 episodes (5-6 minutes in length each), and will be released weekly on YouTube and all at once on Hulu after launch.

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  1. C. Russo

    Because nobody else covers said corporations? Wow. Covering a journalist covering tech. That’s adding dismal to boring.

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